FeelForm – Client-Side Form Validator

FeelForm – Client-Side Form Validator


The client-side plugin provides advanced form validation. It’s based on jQuery and allows a developer to add quick verification of website forms (i.e. check if fields are filled, passwords match, values correspond to the specified format) in a couple of steps.
You just need to include the plugin in your page, set classes which will define input validation rules and add script call.


  • lightweight
  • easy installation
  • easy to use
  • a lot of adjustment options
  • a lot of validation rules
  • a friendly manual

What’s new (v.1.0.1):

  • files validation
  • simple server-side validation (an example of php handler included)

What’s new (v.1.0.2):

  • an antibot validation rule (which asks the user to sum up two numbers)
  • a preloader for ajax validation
  • a preloader on/off setting
  • a regexps setting
  • ok/error icon types of notification
  • a few bug fixes
  • a few manual improvements

Updates will follow. Any suggestions and ideas would be welcomed.

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FeelForm - Client-Side Form Validator