Currency Converter

Currency Converter

This is jQuery plugin that creates currency conversion widget. This widget is flexible customizable and easily integratable in any site working on different platforms. Your website visitors can convert currencies using latest exchange rates.

  • Flexible customizable
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Support up to 156 currencies
  • 6 built-in themes
  • Live currency updates
  • Localization ready
  • Compatible with all major browsers

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Change log
v 1.7 – 2015.08.09
The default API has been fixed.
Modified files:


v 1.6 – 2014.11.24
Added possibility to deploy own currency rate provider. Read more here
Modified file


Added files:


v 1.5 – 2014.08.20
Fiexed euro currency sign
Modified file


v 1.4 – 2014.08.19
Number of supported currencies increased from 93 to 156
Modified files:


v 1.3 – 2014.05.18
Added possibility to change currency rate provider. The switching between providers can be useful when one of them has problems with uptime. Read more about rateProvider option here.
v 1.2 – 2014.03.21

API has been changed. Modified jQuery plugin: ~/root/js/jquery.currency.js

v 1.1 – 2013.10.17

Added missing letter in localization file

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Currency Converter