Cloud Slider – Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

Cloud Slider – Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

Cloud Slider is a responsive jQuery slider plugin. It supports many features like: fully responsive, touch enabled, smooth layered animation, 2d & 3d transitions, 18 easily customizable built-in skins, unlimited 2d & 3d carousels and category carousel(multi carousel in a slider), ken-burns effect, video embedding and powerful APIs.
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Ken-Burns Sample

2D / 3D Carousel Sample

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18 Built-in Skins

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Buyer Ratings Change Log
Version 2.1 (2015-03-13)

New Features: Added slide background size feature (cover, contain)
Improvements: Improved showcase sample
Fixes: Fixed right arrow position issue of carousel

Version 2.0 (2015-02-16)

New Features: Added auto carousel feature Added auto slide & carousel & combine feature for category carousel Added ken-burns rotation effect option
Improvements: Ken-burns effect is more smooth now
Fixes: Fixed ken burns effect position issue Fixed slider border issue Fixed linked layer style issue Fixed unresposive issue in full width slider

Version 1.4 (2014-12-17)

Fixes: Fixed touch issue on mobile

Version 1.3 (2014-12-12)

Improvements: Disabled touch navigation for one slide slider Improved so that firstSlideNo option interacts with ShuffleMode option
Fixes: Fixed 1 pixel issue on thumbnail hover & active Fixed thumbnail position issue in shuffle mode Fixed progress bar z-index issue

Version 1.2 (2014-12-07)

New Feature: Added slide background link feature

Version 1.1 (2014-12-06)

New Feature: Added cloudKill() API to stop all animation & clear all timeouts(for wp version of Cloud Slider coming soon & for transitions list table in documentation)
Changes: Updated skins PSD to reduce the size of .psd file
Improvements: Improved carousel touch navigation & Improved some sample slider design / graphics
Fixes: Fixed overflow issue for full-width & full screen layout

Version 1.0.0 (2014-12-02)

Initial release

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Cloud Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Cloud Slider - Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin