boomer – Animated Cursors

boomer – Animated Cursors

CodeDroids Philosophy
You’re most likely looking for something specific – not a generic plugin that will bend to your needs. CodeDroids plugins are not all-in-one or multipurpose. They’re built to serve one specific task well – and usually with a quick Copy & Paste approach. The idea is to get your problem fixed as fast and efficiently as possible – without you needing to even waste time reading documentation. boomer – Animated Cursors
boomer finally adds cross-browser support for animated GIF cursors. Just copy and paste the cursor element inside any HTML element and choose the GIF preset you want. Use any animated GIF on any HTML element! boomer is great for:

  • Dating Sites
  • Adult Sites
  • Gaming Sites
  • Holiday / eCard Sites
  • and many more!

boomer is perfect for adding a unique touch to design interfaces

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