Animated SVG Globe with Markers and Logos

Animated SVG Globe with Markers and Logos

Spinning Earth Globe animations with markers and logos’ carousel for Desktop and Mobile. Perfect way to visualize location of event/office/store/city or to showcase partners/sponsors logos.

  • Globe rotation made up with flat world maps animated in circle mask
  • Smooth animation (done with Velocity.js)
  • Animation speed and sequence controlled with Javascript (defined variables)
  • Animation shows up when the Globe becomes visible in the browser
  • Resolution independent SVG graphics (perfect for displays with higher pixel density, such as Retina)
  • Easy to change width, colors or visibility of elements, animation parameters
  • In total: 7 different animation examples + 33 color presets
  • Versions:
    1. globe with map markers (3 examples)
    2. globe with logo carousel (2 examples)
    3. just the globe (2 examples)
  • Included:
    • HTML, CSS, JS, SVG files
    • Documentation
    • PSD helper
  • Browsers:
    • For Desktop: IE9, IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
    • For Mobile: iOS Safari, iOS Chrome, Android Chrome

Customer support

  • Documentation included (HTML)
  • Additional support by e-mail or this site.
  • I’m available to customise these files (at an additional cost). Mail me if you have any tasks.
  • Contact e-mail:

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