Ajax.Navigation allows you to enhance your website by loading and inserting new content into certain areas dynamically.Clicking on a link results :

  • in the linked content being loaded via Ajax
  • in the loaded content being compared to the current one
  • in the loaded content being inserted with one out of many css3 effects, if it has changed
  • in the URL being updated

Browsers which don’t support html5’s history API will perform a normal full page load.The best thing about it is that it is not not necessary to make any big changes to your markup!



Responsive Design</

Ajax.Navigation is ready for use in desktops, tablets and mobile devices<

30+ unique effects</

are included for different visual behaviors of Ajax.Navigation<

Cross browser</

Support for all major modern browsers, including tablet, mobile and desktop devices<

Modern web technologies</

Ajax.Navigation works excellent with HTML5 and uses jQuery and Css3 for extensive compatibility<


Updates, bug fixes, code optimizations and even more effects

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