AA-Scroller Slider – Javascript

AA-Scroller Slider – Javascript

Hello guys, Here’s our newest script Scroller Slider , AA-Team way! It’s modern, trendy and very simple to use. Inovative design, smart coding & lots of passion!

  1. Compatible in all major browsers
  2. Iphone/Ipad too!

This script is very simple to use, and integrate as well. Now, let’s see what are the main features.

  • Universal! You can use it on any website!
  • Smart navigation and image pre-loading.
  • Keyboard navigation using Right/Left buttons
  • Mousewheel navigation
  • Resizable images
  • Custom caption with Title & Description
  • Easing
  • AnimationSpeed
  • Autoplay
  • AutoplaySpeed
  • PauseOnHover
  • gridWidth, slideWidth
  • Scrollbar size (it’s the buttonWidth: 100 // min 55 )
  • Scrollbar on/off – you can use it as a slider as well ! with next/prev buttons!

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