360° Panoramic Viewer – jQuery Plugin

360° Panoramic Viewer – jQuery Plugin

This plugin manipulates a flat panorama image and uses jQuery to rotate, add hotspots and integrate it on mobile, touchpad and desktop browsers. It offers a very realistic experience, giving the sensation that the user is right there on the location. You can have multiple such viewers on a page, add hotspots to them and make an integration with your favorite jQuery plugins (lightbox, carousel, etc.).

What Buyers Are Saying

Perfect work, perfect support! Thank you so much.
– wp_theme_eu

This can cover a good range of requirements for web development features.
– digitalspin2016

Awesome quality, we love it!
– thenewplace

I must say this excellent panorama script is something I have waited for a long time. It’s simply a superb creation. The more I look at it, the more I like it!
– alsation

It’s a beautiful plugin: lightweight, powerful, easy to use. I found this plugin, and everything got a lot better. No more 942-step panorama creation & upload, no more dirty iframes & embeds; just simple images with straightforward control over behavior, and nice light [read: fast] code in operation.
– factionone


  • mobile and touchpad support
  • mouse wheel support
  • auto-scroll with sliding controls
  • 180/360 degree visibility setting
  • can be used in a responsive design
  • takes width of container (height must be set if used in fixed size version)
  • hotspots + fancybox integration (for reference)
  • multiple panorama selection + carouFredSel integration (for reference)

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360° Panoramic Viewer - jQuery Plugin