ZoomSounds – neat HTML5 Audio Player With Playlist

ZoomSounds – neat HTML5 Audio Player With Playlist

The Audio Player. Reinvented

Audio Player Intro

Want a nifty, cutting-edge, retina-ready, responsive html5 audio player for your site ? ZoomSounds is the perfect candidate. With four skins to fit every brand, only one format required to function, ZoomSounds is the perfect choice for an audio player.

Audio Player Features

  • HTML5 technology – this gallery uses the latest html5 tehniques to deliver a never seen before experience to your clients
  • fully responsive – looks great from mobile to HD
  • flash backup – ie7 and ie8 do not support html5, but those users are not forgetten, the sounds will play for them too via the flash player
  • one mandatory format – the hard part is done by the player script in order for the user to have easy experience editing – only mp3 is required
  • touch optimized – touch devices are not forgotten
  • three skins – three full skins to fit every brand
  • CSS3 technology – this player uses cutting-edge css3 definitions
  • easy install – purchase, download the zip, read the docs
  • iPhone / iPad optimized – this gallery has been optimized for Apple touch devices
  • Android optimized – this component has been tested on Android 4.0 and works awesome
  • developer / SASS powered – this component’s CSS has been built on top of SASS which means SASS users will have an easy time modifying the skins. For non-SASS users it’s no problem either because CSS files ( generated by SASS ) are provided
  • plays from YouTube – streams YouTube audio
  • plays from SoundCloud – streams SoundCloud audio with an API key
  • 100% css skinable – want to make slight modifications to the skins ? The skins are 100% built from the css and it is very easy to edit with css knowledge
  • SEO friendly – built with search engine optimization on mind from the ground up
  • compatible with all major browsers, including IE – compatible from IE7 to IE10, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Audio Player Updates

UPDATE 2.60 [ 03/24/2016 ]

  • [FIX] multiple fixes

UPDATE 1.63 [ 10/21/2014 ]

  • [FIX] a bug where youtube feed would not work
  • [FIX] fixed a bug in the preview where the top wave would not move on chrome

Audio Player Extra Features


  • tracks and images are not included in the download package.
  • youtube will not work as audio on iDevices but as a video due to the platform limitations
  • the waveform is a static image it is not auto generated by the audio player, but by a tool included in the download package. full instructions are provided on how to do this and it’s a 10 second job for each track, almost automatic if you have all your tracks in a directory.
  • there is a included flash tool to compose a image of the wave form. Note that because mp3 decoding is expensive, there is a physical limitation of about 20 minutes tracks ( meaning that with tracks over 20 minutes it might crash on memory exhaustion , but it depends on the computer where the decoding is done )


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