WebRock – Page Builder Framework for HTML5

WebRock – Page Builder Framework for HTML5

The Concept

WebRock is a page builder framework which will reduce the work of developers to less than half and will at least double the sales. Most people are buying the WordPress themes with page builders for building static pages.

That’s why WebRock was created: a page builder which can handle the same code to build both HTML5 static pages and WordPress dynamic pages.

Each WebRock object has a shortcode function, which generates the content, and a configuration, which defines the input type for each shortcode attribute.

It’s simple, efficient and insanely useful.

HTML5 and WordPress

WebRock is the best of both worlds. Both the HTML5 and WordPress versions visually generate the objects using WordPress Shortcodes, which means the same WebRock Object works in both WordPress and HTML5.

Drag and Drop Interface

WebRock has an intuitive drag and drop object reordering to make your life much easier. But that’s not even the best part.

Extremely Customizable

WebRock comes with a huge number of built in Objects and input types. For users, it offers hundreds of website customization possibilities: even custom in page HTML, CSS or Javascript.

Copy Paste!

WebRock is the only Premium Page Builder Framework which has the possibility to Copy, Cut and Paste your objects directly. That’s an insane advantage.

Built-in Elements

WebRock comes with an impressive number of already set up elements for you to use or restyle. WebRock has an amazingly simple API, allowing you to add, edit and remove elements in no time.


WebRock is built to be used together with Bootstrap, coming with all the Bootstrap components built in for you to use. Not only is it responsive, but you also have complete control over the grid.

Try it out for free!

Complete Features List

  • Compatible with any Theme
  • Same object code for WordPress and HTML5
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Powered by Bootstrap 3
  • Built using SASS
  • Easy to Develop
  • Easy to create templates
  • Well structured SCSS Files
  • Based on Shortcodes
  • Live Preview in backend
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easily Extendable
  • Object Oriented
  • Great Documentation
  • Professional Lifetime Support

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WebRock - Page Builder Framework for HTML5