Treasure Guardian

Treasure Guardian


Aliens have invaded the Earth and have conquered almost all parts of it. Only a small tropical island remains and you should defend it with all your might against enemies’ space ships and flying saucers.

About the Game:

This game is a simple combination of shooter and tower defense games in which you take control of a cannon and should stop invading flying saucers from reaching the island by shooting at them.
Enemies will become stronger after each wave; fortunately you can upgrade your cannon and make it stronger by collecting items that will remain after destroying some of flying saucers. Also after some time, a helicopter will come to your aid and helps you to defend the island, you must protect the Treasure on the island, you are the Treasure Guardian .
Remember that you can use your grenades by pressing the right click; these grenades are extremely useful for destroying big flying saucers.

Modifying the Game:

You can change the game’s appearance by editing it and replace the default cannon and flying saucers with your desired ones and make your own game!
Also you can advertise your logo or products in it.


» HTML5 game » High resolution (1024*768)
» Works on all HTML5 browsers » Edit image files with an image editor like Photoshop to change the game’s appearance » Includes layered PSD files » Made with GameMaker Studio » Ability to change the game’s sounds & music

New Features in v1.1:

» Added Auto-resize feature (responsive). There are 2 methods for doing this that you can choose from. Use the guide for more information about editing this new feature.

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