Three People Chess

Three People Chess

Three People Chess
About the game
This HTML5 game is inspired by a newly created three player version of chess. Three People Chess provides an online multiplayer platform for multiplayer chess. Persistent, SignalR based, connections provide ability for immediate play and chat between several players. This template provides two chess boards (circular and merged) for three players. There are no move restrictions. The template provides only the board for playing and no restriction or computer player mechanisms. However, the object-oriented approach allows easy modification of code and was created to be extendable for more than three players.
Base functionality
The current template provides the following mechanisms:

  • Establishing game sessions based on a session token or URL
  • Displaying two types of chess boards for three players (circular and star)
  • Controlling the game flow (current player)
  • Automatic control of persistent connections (all players are immediately alerted when the other players finish their move or send a chat message)
  • Game API interface based on ASP.NET handler for non-persistent connections (good for old browsers)
  • Player chat based on persistent connections

Full source code is provided for all of the functionality.
This is an HTML5 game that requires an ASP.NET server for interaction. Both the HTML/JavaScript client-side code and the ASP.NET C# server-side source code is provided.

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