Snowman Challenge – Word Game

Snowman Challenge – Word Game

Snowman Challenge is a fun educational HTML5 jQuery based word game, it’s similar to Hangman, but with a more friendly theme. It’s great fun for both kids and adults and can be played online and offline, which is great for the classroom.

Features & Settings

  • Responsive Design – Mobile Ready – Touch Ready – Retina Ready
  • IE9 Up – Edge – Firefox – Chrome – Opera – Safari – Android – iOS
  • Lightweight – Web Fonts – Ico Font – HTML5 – CSS3 – jQuery – GSAP
  • Fully Customisable – Easy to Edit – Comes With Support – Play Online & Offline
  • SVG Snowman & Animation – PNG Background – Original Music & Sound FX
  • 10 Levels – Increasing Difficulty – Random Words – Keyboard / Mouse / Touch
  • 11 letter word maximum at smallest screen size – Single words only

How To Play

The aim of the game is to try and build Mr. Frosty. There are ten random hidden words to find over ten levels, each level relates to a part of the snowman. Words are loaded from a text file at random. You must use your mouse or keyboard to select a letter from the board, if you’re correct it will fill in a blank space from the missing word, if you get it wrong your guesses will go down. If you reach zero then you will loose a life, loose all your lives and you will have to start again.

Customisable Settings

There are quite a few different settings you can choose to personalise the game. It’s very easy to edit and setup, all you need is Windows ‘Notepad’ or ‘Wordpad’ and you can edit the settings just like you would any other text file. Same goes for Mac users, just pick your default text editor.

What settings are there?

  1. Lives In The Game Set how many lives you will have in the game, you loose a life when you run out of guesses. You could set this higher for younger players.
  2. Guesses Per Level Sets the amount of guesses a player will have per level.
  3. Decrease Guesses To make the game more tricky you can set the level you want to start reducing guesses incrementally by 1.
  4. Disable all sounds Completely disable sounds, music and in game options in-case you don’t want anyone to make noise, great for the classroom.
  5. Music Start the game with the music on or off.
  6. Sound Effects Start the game with the sound effects on or off.
  7. Snow Effect Having snow on will use a bit more CPU, so it could slow down very old systems.
  8. Text File Name of the text file you want to load. Change this to “morewords.txt” for a selection of non wintry words, or to create your own words use “custom.txt” (see below).

Creating You Own Words

You can create you own set of words to use in the game. Just open the supplied ‘custom.txt’ file and start typing coma separated words, it’s that easy.

Can I get a custom version made?

I am available for freelance work. I would be happy to quote you for a custom version of the game.

Contact & Support

The best way to get support is to submit a comment here or use the mail form on my Envato profile page, this way I can see that you have officially purchased the game. I will not answer technical or help emails sent through my websites email address.You can follow me on Twitter / Envato / Dribble / LinkedIn / Website.Current version 1.0

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Snowman Challenge - Word Game