Psychological weight (HTML5 Test)

Psychological weight (HTML5 Test)


  Psychological weight is the psychological appraisal of the weight of your body being directly connected to the human’s self-assessment. This is the weight of your subconsciousness as not all people looking into the mirror see their real body. Some people see the person having greater weight than they really are and some people vice versa reduce their weight.   This test helps to appraise your psychological weight and to find out the difference between those weights.   Please answer 15 different questions to find out your psychological weight. The more honest are your answers the more exact is your result.     Avaliable on Google Play or  Dropbox


  • Construct 2 capx
  • The project is set to run on all screen resolutions!
  • Support for two languages!
  • Easy code
  • Examples of ads Admob (Banners & Interstitials)
  • Entering text using the keyboard, and processing inputted data
  • 720×1280 Resolution



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