Metal PinBall

Metal PinBall

-“Metal PinBall made on Construct 2 game engine version 212+
-Included all the source file ready to export for mobile and web game (html5, cordova, cocoonjs) and .CAPX file -Flexible event system

How To Play

Left Flippers:using left arrow or tap on left of screen
Right Flippers:using right arrow or tap on right of screen
Shoot Ball :using down arrow or tap fire button


-Construct 2 212+
-Play on desktop and device
-Easy export to HTML5 for website
-Ready to export for Android, iOS with Cordova platform such as intel XDK, phonegap, CocoonJS – Ludei.
-AdmobAds integration
-Touch & Mouse
-Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus

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