Memory Challenge – Custom Mode

Memory Challenge – Custom Mode

About the Game: Memory Challenge – Custom Mode
An amazing memory game that is both fun and educational! Memory games have always been popular among kids and in addition to entertaining them, these games can have significant positive effects on kids’ memory. Like any other memory game, kids have to match the cards with the same word, image or with the image and related word to it and they will win the game when they have successfully matched all cards.
In this game, there are 3 different gameplays and in each you can choose from 3 different difficulties with 12, 14 or 16 images. These 3 different gameplays are Word to Word, Picture to Picture and Picture to Word. In Word to Word, you have to match the cards with same word with each other. In Picture to Picture, players have to match cards with the same image with each other and finally, in Picture to Word mode, you have to match the image of each card with its name. But this game is a custom game which means you have to design the game yourself and add all the images or words that you want. In fact, this game solves the issue of many similar memory games which is being difficult to edit. Using this game, you can easily add your own words and images and customize the game to cover the subject that you have in mind and use it to teach specific subjects. In each of three gameplays, there is a short and simple guide that tells you how to use it.
Features of this game and its different modes, make it very useful for people that need a customizable game that they can easily edit and use for different purposes. Because of this game’s theme and features, it can be very interesting and educational for kids and can used to teach different subjects to them. Considering all of this game’s features and advantages, it is one of the best possible choices for people who are looking for a memory game to entertain and educate kids at the same time!

Description :

How to Play:

For playing this game, you can use touch in mobile devices and mouse in computer.
Don’t have Construct 2? Don’t worry, we can help you! If you need help customizing the game, feel free to contact us via Email.


If you don’t hear any sound/music while the game is running/playing, just refresh your browser or remove Envato’s iframe (top-right corner of the screen). We provide complete support of our products, so if you faced any issues, feel free to ask and remember that our main contact method is via Email.


  • 3 difficulties (12, 14 and 16 cards)
  • 3 different gameplay styles (word to word, word to image, image to word)
  • Customization mode which enables you to easily create your own memory game
  • Quick guide for editing and creating different gameplays
  • HTML5
  • 1440×1080 resolution
  • Touch or mouse
  • Splash screen (replace with yours)
  • Email support
  • Source code included ( .CAPX )
  • Easy to personalize the game’s sounds
  • Easy to personalize the game’s appearance
  • Can be used in mobile devices & websites
  • Works on all HTML5 browsers


You don’t need Construct 2 engine to reskin the game. Just replace default images with what you want using an image editor software. If you need help in reskining the game, feel free to contact us via Email


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