CowBoyZ – Ready Steady Shoot Html5 Mobile Game

CowBoyZ – Ready Steady Shoot Html5 Mobile Game

CowBoyZ – Ready Steady Shoot Html5 Mobile Game include html5 game CowBoyZ – Ready Steady Shoot is an addictive quick fire dueling game. Play face to face with a friend or brother on a single screen in 2 player mode or play 1 player mode and Defeat the enemy.

How to play CowBoyZ : When you see ” shoot ” tap the screen quickly to beat the other cowboy before he beats you .


Features: . HTML5 game . High Definition (1024×768)
. High Resolution
. auto resize . Game Work Horizontally
. Works on all HTML5 browsers . Mouse & Touch control
. Easy to Reskin
. Game Made with Game Maker Studio . Game Maker Studio Project File included + all source . Don’t Need a Server For Run On Desktop
. Easy to export to android & ios with intel xdk
. Easy to change sounds without (Game Maker Studio)
. Simple Gameplay . Can Edit image file with an image editor to change the game’s appearance
. sounds made with :
. game graphics made with Game Maker Studio sprite editor (pixel art) i will be happy to hear your ideas and opinions about the game, so if you like write a comment all NubiaStudio html5 games


















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