Brain liberty Reversi

Brain liberty Reversi

About the Game: Brain liberty Reversi
Reversi is an ageless game that is simple to learn and hard to master. This game is also known as Othello. Each Reversi piece has a white side and a black side. You play the black pieces and the computer plays the white pieces. On your turn, you place one black piece on the board. You must place the piece so that a white piece is flanked by your pieces. All of the white pieces between your pieces are then turned over to become black. In its turn, the computer plays in the manner with the white pieces. The game ends when there are no more legal moves and the winner is the player that have more pieces on the board.
?This game has two modes. Single player in which you play against the AI and multiplayer that you can play with a friend (on the same device).

Description :

How to Play:

For playing this game, you can use touch in mobile devices and mouse in computer.
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  • HTML5 game
  • Works on all HTML5 browsers
  • Appearance customization
  • Supports touch
  • Can be used in mobile devices & websites
  • Made with Game Maker
  • Auto-resize (responsive)


You don’t need GameMaker Studio engine to reskin the game. Just replace default images with what you want using an image editor software. If you need help in reskining the game, feel free to contact us via Email


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