Aqua Challenge

Aqua Challenge

About the Game:

Aqua Challenge
You are a small fish who is at the very bottom of food chain in oceans! This means that every single fish that is bigger than you, can and will eat you! And as you may know, there are lots of different fishes in ocean! So you have to do your best and avoid them and survive as long as you can! If even a single fish touches you, you are dead! And the number of seconds that you are able to survive is considered as your final score in the game.

How to Play:

For playing this game, you can use touch in mobile devices or mouse in computer.


» HTML5 game » Supports touch
» Works on all HTML5 browsers » Can be used in mobile devices & websites » Easy to personalize the game’s appearance
» Easy to personalize the game’s sounds » Includes Construct 2 project file » Made with Construct 2 » Auto-resize (Responsive)

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