10 Extra Levels Pack for ‘The Sorcerer’ Game

10 Extra Levels Pack for ‘The Sorcerer’ Game

The Sorcerer Extra Levels Pack
If you loved The Sorcerer but 3 levels are not enough, you are in the right place!
The Sorcerer Extra Levels Pack contains a JSON file of 10 new game levels ready to be added to The Sorcerer
How to use it?

  1. Buy the last version of The Sorcerer
  2. .

  3. Download the Extra Levels Pack
  4. Replace the Json Files included in the Extra Pack in the root folder of ‘The Sorcerer’ game

For further info and for a preview of the levels layout please read the documentation
Get ready to leave 13 wonderful adventures with the most loved Zuma of CodeCanyon!
The Extra Levels Pack is meant to work only if added to the original version of The Sorcerer, you can buy the game here .
The Sorcerer was awarded as the best puzzle game in HTML5 Most Wanted contest

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