Multi-step Indicator

Multi-step Indicator

This Multi-step Indicator is an implementation of the Progress Bar Design Pattern, also known as “Progress Indicator”, “Multi-step Progress Bar”, “Wizard Steps”, “Progress Train”, and “Steps Left”. The latest version (4.0) is based on “Flexbox”, which rules out Internet Explorers older than 10. If you need to support “old IE” you must import the latest AND previous “modern” CSS files with conditional comments. The Multi-step Indicator now gracefully handles more than five steps, and a couple of extra classes can also be used to better handle edge cases. No JavaScript is used! Lastly, a “wizard” is included, that can be used to interactively choose the colors that you like and have the Sass variables or the generated CSS file built for you.

  • Modern, Flexbox implementation
  • Inherently Responsive
  • Built with Sass, uses color variables
  • A “wizard” is provided, to help color selection and compile the necessary CSS file
  • Older versions are compatible with ”old IE” (< 10)
  • The latest version does not use any images, layered PSD files are provided with the older versions

Version 4 (21 Feb 2015)

  • Re-visited the code, now using Flexbox and Sass
  • Color selection “wizard”

Version 3 (19 Apr 2013)

  • Modern styles are now responsive, using CSS media queries

Version 2 (30 Oct 2012)

  • New style with 5 colors
  • Updated documentation

Version 1.2 (5 July 2012)

  • New color variation
  • Small tweaks on color 2
  • Updated PSD file

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Multi-step Indicator