Metro’Con Metro Styled Social and Link Type Icons

Metro’Con Metro Styled Social and Link Type Icons

Metro’Con CSS Social & Link Icons
Seventy Seven (77!) icons, 4 color versions available and three classes for the style (normal – no borders, Square Border & Round Border).
Adding Metro’Con CSS Icons to your site is as simple as adding just a few lines of code. Just attach the desired stylesheet to your page and include the HTML markup. There are examples on how to do this in the documentation. I have also included an example.html page with variations of usage, as well as the Adobe Illustrator file where all the icons were created. If you’d like to add new icons or change any of the colors, you can do so in Illustrator. All icons are grouped and labeled for easy identification. I have included Guides that will help center new icons you may want to add.
Metro’Con CSS Icons uses an Unordered List to display the icons. I have tested the icons accross all major browsers. IE 8+ displays the icons nicely, though without the CSS slide-up effect.
Pre-made Theme Versions

  • Dark Verion
  • Dark Verion 2
  • Light Version
  • Colored Version
  • 77 Total Icons

Watch the short video preview to see the icons in action

Feedback & Ratings
If you are thinking about rating Metro’Con CSS Icons less than 5 stars, please tell me what I can do to make it 5 stars for you and I will do my best. I would love to hear any suggestions you may have on how Metro’Con CSS Icons can be improved.

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