Screener – Lightweight Screen Capture

Screener – Lightweight Screen Capture

Screener is a lightweight windows form application for fast screen capture.

  • Partial screen capture
  • Full screen capture
  • Google image search
  • Multiple image formats
  • Offline screenshot access
  • Simple and fast installation

After reviewing and successfully editing the settings, to take a screenshot all you have to is:

  • Press ALT+1 (or right-click the tray icon and click on Capture)
  • Select the region you want to capture
  • Done! A direct link to the image is in your clipboard (CTRL+V)

Screenshots are also stored offline. You can view them in your Documents directory:

  • C:Users{YourName}DocumentsScreenerScreenshots

Google image search
Screener has also an built in image search functionality that uses Google image search. To use that feature, instead of hitting ALT+1 simply hit ALT+2. Storing images online
We have included a quick start guide and example PHP script which is used to upload the screenshot. Simply upload the script to your web server, open Screener’s settings and check the `Upload file` checkbox. After the checkbox is checked type in the url to the script in the now writable textbox. Also, you can watch the preview video to see how to properly configure Screener for upload.

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