Google SERP tool

Google SERP tool

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Google SERP tool is a SEO tool that allows you to know the position of your web page in the Google ranking for predefined keywords. It retrieves some metatag info grabbing it from source code. Includes a server monitor for check if server is up or down with nice graphics (see screenshots).
Not uses Google API, just HTTP REQUESTS.
Developed with Visual Studio 2010 (Visual Basic.NET 2010). Full and updated source code is available to purchase: 25$
V1.6 – Minor update

* Added 2 Google country urls
* Removed links from GUI

V1.5 – Improvements

* Modified GUI to easy read metatag info
* Added "20" to Max results combobox
* Added suport for +2 Google country urls

V1.4 – Improvements

* Domain inputbox saves all values that have been searched
* Added clear domain list button
* Added check availability function with graphics

V1.3 – Improvements

* Added export to XLS file
* Added export to CSV file
* Keyword inputbox saves all values that have been searched

V1.2 – Bugfix and improvements

* Fixed REGEX parsing engine for better performance
* Optimized code for single result extracting
* Added last know position setting
* Added donation button in "About" form
* Added support for 56 Google country url's
* Fixed "empty array" bug
* Added item list icons

V1.1 – Bugfix and improvements

* Fixed bug in list count where item is not added
* Optimized HTTPREQUEST function
* Added HTTPREQUEST timeout handling
* Added 503 error handling
* Added 404 error handling

V1.0 – No changes

* Initial release

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