Advanced Color Picker

Advanced Color Picker

Advanced Color Picker

Easy, Simple & Fast
This tool which will help you pick any color you want from any page or image.
You decide whether you want the HEX or RGB color code, the tool will get it for you!
Do you hesitate about a color fitting with another color?
Then don’t wait longer, just test it with the Gradient Tester.
Are you satisfied about the fitting gradient colors?
Then simply use the CSS Gradient Generator generate a CSS code for it to use it on your webpage!
This tool contains the following features:

  • Color picking
  • Pick colors in RGB or HEX
  • RGB to HEX
  • HEX to RGB
  • Gradient tester
  • CSS Gradient Generator
  • And many more features will follow…!

Updates [03-04-2014]

The feature CSS Gradient Generator has been added to the application.
Now you can simply generate a html button from the gradient you have tested.

Suggestions & Bug Report

Do you miss something in this application or did you find a bug?
Then please don’t hesitate and contact me, i would love to help you out.
Runtime: .NET

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